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We would like to acknowledge the time and efforts of the 2012 SHIP Directors' Conference Planning Subcommittee members listed below; they are responsible for the design and content of this year’s conference. We also want to acknowledge the SHIP Steering Committee for their contributions.

Vicki Dufrene (Chair, LA)
Carol Beahan (MO)
Donna Cupina (CMS)
Patsy Fernandez (TX)
Katherine Glendening (AoA)
John Hammarlund (CMS)
Michelle Holzer (MD)
Gaye Humphrey (CMS Region VI)
Shannon Jones (TN)
Erika Lawson (GA)
Sandy Leith (IL)
Leslie Pruitt (CT)
Anne Smith (ME)
Jim Vares (CMS)
Teresa Zayas (CMS Region IV)

Please email with conference questions.